The 2021 sneaker trends for men

From black sneakers to brown Stretchwalkers and from casual to sporty, we've incorporated all the main 2021 sneaker trends into our extensive men's collection. If you’re looking for a comfortable, sporty men's shoe that you can combine easily with a range of outfits, our sneakers will get you through the day in style.

Our shoes are designed for active people who love life and men who appreciate high-quality shoes. We look forward to inspiring you in selecting the right men's sneakers to suit your style. The following are the sneaker trends for men in 2021.

Dark colours

Dark colours are the way to go this season. For lovers of casual chic, we have men's shoes in black that make a stylish addition to your shoe collection. Autumn colours are also back, with a range of brown shades to explore. We’ve incorporated a number of unique details into the sneakers. For example, Stretchwalker Dublin has a zip on the side for optimal comfort and the sneaker is an absolute hit with every fashion-conscious man. The Berlin sneaker has an impressive, masculine look with its blend of leather and high-tech textiles. Our black men's sneakers go with pretty much anything in your wardrobe, making this dark colour a highly practical choice. At the same time, the sneakers provide optimal support and unparalleled comfort. If you’re looking for a stylish men’s sneaker, check out our men’s collection and choose your favourite!

Sporty with a stylish twist

We launched the Golden Gate sneaker for women and men in spring, and this autumn we’ve added some new, trendy colours to our limited edition sneaker line. We’ve tailored this exclusive sneaker to suit the latest sneaker trends for men by combining the streamlined silhouette with unique details. This gives the shoe a sporty and stylish appearance that’s perfect for an everyday look. Experience the progressive Japanese balance technology for yourself in the limited edition Golden Gate sneaker for men in colours such as Navy/Black and Sali. The shoe looks both stylish and trendy in the colour Sali, and the Dark Red accent on the heel ensures that this men’s sneaker is always a match for your favourite outfit. The cool element incorporated into the Golden Gate sneaker in Navy/Black makes it another very popular choice. These exclusive men’s shoes are waiting for you! Hurry to the nearest shop that stocks the Next Generation collection and find the sneaker to complete your outfit.

Allow yourself a little extra comfort

Shoes strengthen you with every step you take, and that’s why our shoes are so comfortable. The combination of functionality, comfort and style is more important than ever before. It’s not just about looking good, it’s also about allowing yourself to experience quality. Feeling good starts with your feet, and having a good posture can help you go that extra mile. Fortunately, because we’re already renowned for making comfortable, trendy men's shoes, we can stay true to our principles while following this shoe trend too. We've incorporated decades of professional skill into our men's collection, and you can feel it with every step you take. For example, take a look at our SWX3 sneaker. We've added soft pads to the edge of the shank and stretch leather to the forefoot to prevent the shoes feeling too snug or tight. The SWX14 features soles with our proven Xsensible balancing technology. These are slightly thicker, extraordinarily light, and slightly curved at the front for maximum comfort.

Experience the great outdoors

While sneakers generally look smooth and sporty, our men's collection can be worn for any and all outdoor activities, no matter what the conditions. So if you feel like taking a pleasant walk in natural surroundings to find out whether hiking is for you, take a look at our Hiking collection for men and explore the most amazing walking routes, both here and abroad. The medium Stockholm hiking boot is very popular among men, and is light and comes with a soft lining. The breathable mesh material in the Helsinki hiking shoe for men features the Dry-X Waterproof membrane, so your feet stay dry and warm even in the rain. The sole has the right grip to keep you stable on any surface. The functional boots are made of high-quality, sturdy high-tech material and combine naturally with a sporty outfit, but they are also ideal for a smart casual office day. We’ve even incorporated the 2021 sneaker trends for men into our hiking collection.

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