Next GenerationThe best Stretchwalker yet

‘With a million pairs of Stretchwalkers on the market, we have built up a loyal fan base. I am extremely proud, not only of this milestone, but also about the entry of the new generation into the family business and the introduction of our new limited edition!’

Max Krol - CEO Xsensible

Limited Edition

With a great deal of enthusiasm, we are launching a completely new and exclusive sneaker line for women and men under the name ‘Next Generation’. This is a contemporary sneaker that symbolises the new generation within the family business and the launch of the best Xsensible yet.

Golden Gate

We would like to present to you our very limited edition model, the ‘Golden Gate’. This sneaker incorporates our innovative technologies and is a true eye-catcher with its sporty design. The streamlined silhouette and the Japanese balance technology are what make this shoe unique. The technology encourages a natural posture and provides optimal support with every step. The soft cushioning reduces the impact on your body.