Next GenerationHighly coveted Golden Gate becomes a household name

‘Now’s the time to buy the Next Generation collection’s Golden Gate sneaker in your favourite colour. The streamlined silhouette and Japanese balance technology are what make this shoe unique. Next Generation is incredibly popular as this sneaker collection for women and men features our best Xsensible sneaker yet!’

Max Krol - CEO Xsensible

Next Generation

Golden Gate is a contemporary sneaker that symbolises the next generation within the family business. That’s why we’ve named the collection ‘Next Generation’, because it represents the dawn of a new era at Xsensible. We see the next generation’s vision reflected in this best Stretchwalker ever, which is innovative without sacrificing any of the comfort for which we’re renowned. The most innovative technologies are incorporated in this sneaker - you can count on that. Experience our innovative Japanese balance technology for yourself; our iconic sneaker line for women and men is waiting for you.

Golden Gate is something you want to be seen in

Longing for comfort and style? Golden Gate gives you a sense of freedom and comes in refreshing autumn colours. The autumn versions are made from premium materials and feature a modern aesthetic. Golden Gate is very much in demand thanks to the streamlined silhouette combined with sporty features and striking colour accents.