Next GenerationThe best Stretchwalker yet

‘We take comfort to the next level. Discover the sporty Golden Gate and Ponte Vecchio sneakers from our iconic Next Generation collection and wear these contemporary shoes your way. We are thrilled to be expanding this season’s collection with the new Stretchwalker Rialto for men. The mix of sporty features and striking colour accents are what make the brand-new Next Generation collection for ladies and men an absolute favourite.’

Max Krol - CEO Xsensible

Next Generation

Our Next Generation collection symbolises the new generation within our family business. We see this vision reflected in the collection, which is innovative without sacrificing our renowned comfort. The shoes in this collection are known for their luxurious details and extremely comfortable fit. The incredibly popular Next Generation collection reaches out to a new audience.

Top-quality design

Just like you, we’re always on the move. That’s why we’re expanding our popular Next Generation collection with Ponte Vecchio. Longing for comfort and style? Ponte Vecchio is the sneaker you've been looking for. From its streamlined silhouette to its sporty features and eye-catching colour accents, this shoe has everything. Take a look at these bestsellers from the Next Generation collection; you’re sure to be inspired.