Women’s work shoes for standing professions

You take a lot of steps during an average working day, and if you work in healthcare, education or another standing profession, you’re far more aware of this than most. At the end of the day, do you sometimes feel as if your feet are stuck full of needles? Or do you often suffer from cramped or tired feet? Perhaps they feel a little stiff. If so, you’re not the only one! However, a good pair of women’s work shoes especially designed for standing professions can make all the difference.

dames-werkschoenen xsensible schoenen stretchwalker stretchleerWhy choose women’s work shoes for standing professions?

We’re all familiar with the well-known image of the traditional work shoe: sturdy, clunky and anything but fashionable. In some professions they are absolutely necessary, especially for those who work in a standing profession that puts their body under extra strain. The consequences can include annoying complaints such as lower back pain and painful joints. (Source: Arboportaal, in Dutch). However, you can prevent many of these complaints simply by choosing the right women’s work shoes. Shoes suitable for standing professions share the following important features:

- The shoe supports your posture during long periods on your feet;
- The shoe moves with the foot ensuring optimal comfort;
- The shoe is suitable for taking thousands of steps per day, pain-free;
- The shoe looks presentable.

Are you also simply looking for a good pair of women’s work shoes that will get you through the day without compromising on comfort? A pair of shoes that fit your feet perfectly and look attractive into the bargain? Then the tried and true Xsensible Stretchwalker is the answer.

Healthy posture

The Stretchwalker is inspired by an ancient Japanese sandal concept. This concept has been translated into a modern shoe with a unique balance point located in the middle of the sole, optimising balance and ensuring a balanced, healthy posture. You’ll be able to stand or walk all day long without ending up with stiff, sore or tired feet. This makes them the ideal women’s work shoes for standing professions. It’s no surprise that our shoes are walking right out the door on the feet of enthusiastic wearers in the healthcare, education and many other sectors, both literally and figuratively.

Patented stretch leather

It’s not only the unique balance point that makes our shoes so comfortable. The patented stretch leather ensures that the shoe moves along with your foot. This unique technology is our own design and has revolutionised the footwear industry around the world. The stretch leather stretches by 70% in width and only 30% in length. This enables the material to return to its original shape every time. And that’s great, because it means these women’s work shoes fit perfectly all day long, no matter what comes your way.

Experience it for yourselfdames-werkschoenen xsensible schoenen stretchwalker stretchleer

You certainly don’t need to take our word for it; thousands of enthusiastic wearers havegone before you. “Without a word of exaggeration, this is the most comfortable walking shoe I’ve ever worn” and “Great shoes, as comfortable as slippers” were some of the comments from the Test panel. And we know better than anyone: experiencing is believing. But just as every foot is unique, so is every taste. That’s why we deliberately offer a wide variety of women’s work shoes, ranging from elegant lace-ups to sturdy sneakers: the choice is yours! With an extensive selection of models, colours and prints, there’s sure to be a shoe that suits your profession. And they all share one important common feature: pain-free feet, no matter how many steps you take in a day. Take a look for yourself and view our collection of stylish women’s shoes here.

Retail point in your area

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