Our concept

The world at your feet

Xsensible is a Dutch shoe brand that draws on inspiration from far beyond our own borders. The Stretchwalker concept was developed in Japan, the country that honours traditions and knowledge focused on achieving the right balance between mind and body. The origin of our shoes is based on the principle of balance embodied in the traditional ‘Ippon-ba geta’ Japanese slipper.

Our makers

Proven quality

Inspired by the season’s trends and looks, the Xsensible collection combines fashion with decades of craftsmanship. We craft our shoes in our two state-of-the-art factory locations just outside Porto, in Portugal, in accordance with traditional methods that unite long-held values with new technologies.

Our team

Together we make a difference

Our collections may be comfortable and stylish, and they may be sold in beautifully appointed shops, but where you really stand out is with the people involved. And in our case, the people are a close-knit team of talented professionals with a passion for designing and producing excellent shoes. We are extremely proud of our team.