Our concept

The ultimate quest for comfort

Active people who love life are our raison d’être.
Xsensible encourages wearers to expand their horizons in a comfortable, yet energetic way. Living life to the full, they recognise the importance of high-quality comfortable shoes, but are unwilling to compromise on appearance.

Our makers

Proven quality

Inspired by the season’s trends and looks, the Xsensible collection combines fashion with decades of craftsmanship. Our shoes are produced in Portugal according to traditional methods that unite long-held values with new technologies. Naturally, we manage the entire production process ourselves, ensuring that each pair of shoes receives the care, attention and quality check that it deserves.

Our team

These people are keen to make a difference

Our collections may be comfortable and stylish, and they may be sold in beautifully appointed shops, but where you really stand out is with the people involved. And in our case, the people are a close-knit team of talented professionals with a passion for designing and producing excellent shoes. Enthusiastic, dedicated and intrinsically motivated, each and every member of our team strives to continue the mission of the original Xsensible brand established 100 years ago. We aim to inspire happiness by helping our customers find the perfect shoe.