Our conceptThe world at your feet

Xsensible is a Dutch shoe brand that draws on inspiration from far beyond our own borders. The Stretchwalker concept was developed in Japan, the country that honours traditions and knowledge focused on achieving the right balance between mind and body. The origin of our shoes is based on the principle of balance embodied in the traditional ‘Ippon-ba geta’ Japanese slipper.

This natural wood slipper balances on a heel placed in the middle of the sole. Together with creative designer Tetsuya Nosaka, we have translated this ancient technique in a modern way, to create the Xsensible Stretchwalker that you’re familiar with today.

Not just for your feet, but for your whole body

The unique sole technology incorporated in our Stretchwalkers optimises your posture. Having the balance point in the middle of the shoe reduces the burden on your joints. The foot rolls naturally, and the pressure is distributed evenly.

Our Stretchwalkers make walking an extremely comfortable experience. This benefit flows not only from the sole technology, but also from our patented stretch leather technology. Each Stretchwalker incorporates Xsensible stretch leather. The surprising degree of elasticity provides maximum freedom of movement. The shoe feels like a second skin.

Active comfort with every step

Each new Stretchwalker collection is the product of our philosophy of offering maximum comfort to people who are living life to the full. These are people who value comfortable shoes but don’t want to compromise on elegance and appearance. We surpass ourselves in this too, every season.

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