Stay healthy and fit while working

Did you know that the Dutch are European sitting champions? No other European country has such a high percentage (32%) of its population sitting for more than 8.5 hours a day. And that percentage is really high, especially when you consider that prolonged sitting increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, cancer and even premature death. There are various initiatives to get Dutch people with a sedentary job to exercise more often while at work. From the National Exercise Minute at 11:00 am where you have to move for one minute to walking during your working day; enjoy more balance during your working day so that you feel healthy and fitter.

Work on your health during your (home) working day

Exercise has a positive effect on absenteeism. You feel more energetic, fitter and more creative when you exercise regularly. It even increases your productivity and your ability to concentrate, according to scientific research. The research shows that exercise has a positive effect on mental functions such as memory; you can better retain your focus and process information. By exercising regularly during the working day, you can enjoy this positive impact on your health. The quality of your work improves and you are sick less often, because you make your health a priority. The solution is simple: by getting up more often than you do now and getting moving, you will feel fitter and stay healthy. You can do this at work too!

Walking at work

That walking is good for you goes without saying. Hiking is an activity that is now practiced by young and old. Some are more adventurous than others, but hiking is possible anywhere and anytime. Also during your (home) workday! It gives you a break from the workplace, activates your brain and improves your health and energy levels. Did you know that even after walking for 20 minutes you can return to your work more concentrated and creative? For us, this is the perfect motivation to also work on your health during your working day. Get moving too!

Incorporate more movement into your working day

We like to encourage and motivate you to get moving regularly during your working day. Take the stairs instead of the lift, walk to the kitchen yourself for a cup of tea or a cup of coffee, take a stroll during the break and do some exercises behind your desk more often. Just the daily stroll will boost your health. Not only will you explore your work environment, but you will also enjoy the fresh air and literally move forward. You can also choose to make phone calls while standing up, or agree with a colleague to take a walk outside during the meeting. Afraid of wearing the wrong shoes is no excuse: our shoes are suitable for various activities, allowing you to perfectly combine them with the right look at work. Our models not only look good and sporty, they also offer optimal comfort and solid grip. Advanced Dry-X waterproof technology keeps your feet dry in all kinds of weather. Whatever your motivation for a walk, and wherever the route takes you, enjoy the moment.
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