What are some potential maintenance issues?

Do not store your shoes while they are still wet. Wait until they are completely dry before storing them in a plastic bag or shoe cabinet. If you store your shoes wet, there’s a good chance they will become mouldy or start to smell bad. Put your shoes in a dry, well-ventilated spot so that they can dry out completely before you store them. However, do not place them on or near any kind of heating element or other heat source.

Do not wrap leather shoes in plastic. Leather and suede shoes must be able to ‘breathe’ while in storage. If you wrap them in plastic, they may become mouldy or discoloured.

Do not stack your shoes on top of one another. Many people stack their shoes in order to save space. However, if you store your shoes in this way, they will eventually begin to lose their shape. It’s fine to stack flip-flops on top of each other, but shoes with a more substantial form should be stored side by side. Even if you stack your shoes with one upside down, they will become deformed in due course.