What are some important things to remember with respect to shoe maintenance?

1. After wearing your shoes, inserting shoe trees can help keep the leather in good condition and maintain the shape of the shoe. For lacquer shoes, inserting shoe trees helps prevent the lacquer becoming creased or cracked. How does this work? After being worn, your shoes are warm and moulded to the shape of your foot. When you take them off, they cool down and dry out, and the leather shrinks. By immediately inserting a shoe tree, you maintain the tension on your shoes so that they keep their fit. Do make sure to choose wooden shoe trees instead of plastic ones. Wood has a moisture-extracting and neutralising effect that helps keep your lacquer shoes fresh and in good condition.

2. Even if you only store your shoes overnight and intend to wear them again the next day, it’s a good idea to clean them first before storing them. Allow your shoes to dry before putting them away. You can clean leather and suede shoes by brushing off any dirt and dusting off the material with a soft, non-abrasive brush. Use a cleaner specially for leather or suede to remove spots.

3. If you store your shoes correctly, they will continue to look good and will last for many seasons. You should protect your shoes from dust, water and sunlight to prevent the colour from fading and the material warping when the shoes are stored. Make sure not to stack your shoes or toss them into a pile as this will cause them to lose their shape. Keep your shoes in their original shoe boxes or in storage boxes, so that they keep their brand new appearance.