Xsensible wins De Gouden Koe 2022

We are very honored and proud to have received the prestigious award "De Gouden Koe 2022" on April 21. It constitutes SeLL's recognition of our success in the footwear industry. After a successful launch of the Hiking collection, the successful introduction of the popular Next Generation collection with exclusive sneaker Golden Gate and producing the millionth Stretchwalker pair, winning 'De Gouden Koe is another highlight for Xsensible.

Over 100 years of shoe innovation awarded

De Gouden Koe is awarded annually to a person or company affiliated with the shoe and leather industry that has manifested itself demonstrably and successfully. This year, the presentation of De Gouden Koe took place in the new Shoe Quarter, celebrating that over 100 years of shoe innovation by Nimco and Xsensible was crowned with this award.

Milestone for Xsensible

Max Krol, CEO of Xsensible: "The concept of the shoe was developed in Japan. The country that honors traditions and knowledge for the right balance between body and mind. The origin of our shoes is therefore based on the balancing principle of the traditional Japanese slipper 'Ippon-ba geta' where the heel is in the middle of the sole. This improves your posture and reduces the strain on your knees, lower back and shoulders. You feel an immediate difference when you put the shoes on. The Stretchwalker has become such a success that we were allowed to produce the millionth pair. And now we may also receive ‘De Gouden Koe 2022'. This milestone makes me particularly proud! The idea that our product may contribute to a higher quality of life challenges me to continue to implement new developments and innovations and to make the best shoes. With our shoes we create positive impact and we make shoes that make you happy."

For generations, our goal has been to make the most comfortable shoe in the world. A shoe that contributes to the feeling of well-being. It's contagious, as the new generation also serves within the Nimco family business to continue this endeavor.
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