Vitality is our priority

Did you know that our shoes are made in Europe? And we consider healthy working conditions extra important? Our balance technology is central to the comfortable shoes we produce. We wish a healthy balance for everyone, also in our chain.

What are our working conditions really like? And what working conditions do we offer our employees in Portugal, where our shoes are made? Producing comfortable shoes also means that we make healthy choices for everyone involved in the creation of our collection.

Healthy and safe working environment

We pass on our love of shoes from generation to generation. Especially for future generations, we make conscious and healthy choices today. That is why we work hard and always from the heart with a close team of professionals to make the most comfortable shoe in the world. This is only possible if you take good care of each other and create a healthy working environment. Otherwise, you simply won't keep it up to deliver the quality we stand for year after year. For example, we have our own doctor and physiotherapist who visit the factory in Portugal. Movement exercises are done every day with the staff, so that everyone has the chance to work on themselves as well.

Produced in Portugal

Our factory locations in Portugal are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and production facilities. Here, our master shoemakers develop unique fits for both orthopedic shoes (from our parent company Nimco) and ready-to-wear shoes (Xsensible and Nimco). Despite the use of the latest technologies and machines, much of the production is meticulously handcrafted. Our production workers are experienced craftsmen who receive fair wages. This is how we combine the best of both worlds. Alone you go faster, together you get further. We consider it important to deal fairly with everyone in our chain involved in making our shoes. A healthy and safe workplace is the basis of the balancing technology that we carefully incorporate into our shoes.

Together we make a difference

In the Netherlands, we encourage our employees to play sports, so everyone stays vital. Sports during working hours are fully reimbursed, even if you work out with a personal trainer. Our collections can be as comfortable and fashionable as they are; it's the people who make the difference. The healthy choices we make for our close-knit team of talented professionals are reflected in the collection.
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