Trend: athleisure

A spring collection that focuses on balance and an active lifestyle? Athleisure ticks all the boxes!

It can be hard to find balance in our hectic daily lives. You want to give it your all at work, but at the same time you want to spend more time with friends and family. We believe a balanced life starts at your feet. Stretchwalker offers you the perfect support. Its flexible sole has a cushioning effect that contributes to a better posture, which helps you find the perfect balance, no matter how busy you are. 

Not only at the gym

Athleisure is a trend that perfectly captures today’s busy and active lifestyles. It is a contraction of the words ‘athletics’ and ‘leisure’. Followers of this trend believe that sportswear and sporty items can easily be worn outside the gym too. It’s so popular that clothing inspired by an active lifestyle, including sporty sneakers, have popped up everywhere. 

Focus on the sole

Our spring collection was also inspired by the athleisure trend. It includes not only classic sneakers, but several sporty models too. The SWX line is the perfect example. These models, which are available both for men and for women, feature a Stretchwalker with a special focus on the sole. The result is a sole that looks ‘bulkier’ than that of most regular sneakers. 

A tasteful colour palette

This spring, women can go for SWX11 and SWX13, two versatile models with a tasteful colour palette that allows you to combine them with virtually any outfit. SWX11 is available in a fresh, snow-white shade and in a sporty combination with navy blue. SWX13 in the colour ‘White Fluo’, on the other hand, features some surprising fluorescent touches. Keen on more colour this spring? Then the sandy ‘Nude Lizard’ or the pastel yellow ‘Yellow/Off-white’ are set to become your new favourites. 

A functional, shock-absorbent sole

Men have plenty of models to choose from too. Stretchwalker SWX3 is available in a whopping six colours, all with bold touches on the sole, totally on-trend. The perfect sporty look! Keen on a more subtle look? Then Stretchwalker Dublin is the perfect solution. Sporty but not overwhelming. The functional, shock-absorbent sole supports the natural rolling movement of the foot and promotes an active lifestyle, even if you hate going to the gym!

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