Tips for removing black stripes from your sneakers

By taking good care of your sneakers, they will stay looking like new. Sometimes you get black stripes on your sneakers, but of course we would rather get rid of them. Stains and stripes are fortunately easy to remove, if you are quick enough. Regular maintenance and care after wearing your shoes is a must. Your sneakers will keep their fresh look longer and you want that! How do you remove the black stripes from your sneakers? The tips are ready for you!

Protect your sneakers with protection spray

You take the most beautiful walks in your sneakers. During a city trip, to work, a stroll in your own neighborhood or through the woods; your comfort is our priority and you feel that with every step. But you don't always feel when a black mark appears on your shoes. It can be caused by a branch hitting the shoe or by unconsciously running into something else. That is why it is useful to protect your shoes from dirt and water even before you start wearing them. You can ask for protection spray at our points of sale. This spray creates a protective layer around the shoe, making it easier to maintain. This protective layer ensures that dirt does not penetrate as quickly and you prevent black stripes on your shoes.

Remove black stripes from your shoes

If there is a black stripe on your shoes, it is important to remove it as soon as possible. Check your shoes regularly after wearing for stains and streaks. You can wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth and then dry the shoe with a clean cloth. Is a damp cloth not effective enough? Then you can use washing-up liquid (colourless). Using lukewarm water, carefully dab the detergent on the stripe and make soft, circular movements in order to carefully remove the black stripe. This can be done with a brush, for example, to brush off the dirt and polish the shoe. A toothbrush can be used to specifically remove the black stripe from the shoe. After this operation it is also important to dry the shoe with a clean cloth.

Stripe on your suede sneakers

Did you discover a black stripe on your suede sneakers? Then this lifehack is worth a try. Use an eraser to gently rub the black stripe on the trainer in the right direction so that you do not damage the suede material. Blow the eraser off the shoe and that's it. We invite you to visit our points of sale, where experts will gladly advise you how to protect and maintain your trainer in the best possible way.

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