The search for balance

Sometimes something comes along that throws you off balance. The trick is to restore balance. We, too, had a desire to experience more balance and eventually we ended up in Japan.

Japan is the country that honours knowledge for the right balance between body and mind. Did you know that the origin of our shoes is based on the balancing principle of the Japanese slipper 'Ippon-ba geta'? Tradition and technology come together in the unique balance sole of our shoes. Balance is our key word.

How do you achieve balance?

By taking regular breaks, creating space and making choices that are good for you, you come into balance (again). Balance is created. But what does balance mean to you? At which moments do you feel in balance? And what can you do to restore balance? Maybe you need relaxation, writing down your thoughts, walking in nature or a healthy diet. Discover what you need to feel good about yourself and with yourself. Wherever you go, you always take yourself with you.

The combination of balance, stability and sublime cushioning

What happens when we make everyday life more comfortable for you? And we give you the opportunity to walk the path more pleasantly? How can we make sure that you have a better posture that significantly improves your quality of life? With these questions, we went back to the drawing board where the design team incorporated the combination of balance, stability and sublime cushioning into the entire sole of our shoe collection. Thanks to this mix of features, you can wear the Stretchwalker all day long and enjoy a balanced posture. The balance point in the middle of our soles, we owe to the balance principle of the old traditional wooden sandal from Japan. The balance point guarantees the perfect walking experience, allowing the shoe to strengthen you with every step in the direction that is right for you. Discover the balance sole and get inspired by our stylish and comfortable collection!

Being in balance requires a relaxed attitude in the here and now. 

With our shoe collection we contribute to the verb to balance and have a supporting role in restoring the balance in your body. You will feel the difference immediately when you put on the shoes, because the load on your knees, lower back and shoulders will decrease. Balancing is a verb and some days it is easier than others. Think about what will make today a great day, give yourself space and allow your feet comfort with every step.

Moved by balance

We create positive impact with our shoes and receive many reports of people moving better, walking longer and having more energy thanks to our shoes. Arrive at your desired destination balanced and energised. We make the way there comfortable and accessible, so that the inspiring environment can also bring you back into balance. Xsensible, moved by balance.
Whichever Stretchwalker you choose, make the most of the season and enjoy stylish looks, balance and comfort. We are ready when you are!
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