The new colours for the limited edition ‘Golden Gate’ Stretchwalker

Last spring, we were proud to introduce our limited edition Next Generation sneaker line. The exclusive ‘Golden Gate’ Stretchwalker sold out rapidly, with the enthusiastic reactions exceeding all of our expectations. It was wonderful to see how popular the sneaker was, and for that reason, we’ve got good news for you: the Golden Gate sneaker is back in new, trendy colours! Our limited edition sneaker collection for women and men will surprise and inspire you.

Which colour will you choose?

Golden Gate is the limited edition Stretchwalker sneaker that you simply can’t do without! The first collection was a great success, and we’re pleased to be able to present you with the latest colours. For women, we’ve brought out the Golden Gate sneaker in the colours Cognac, Black and Sage/Combi. These shades exude a sense of femininity, making this sneaker particularly versatile. And the perfect shoe for men really does exist: discover Golden Gate in Blue with Black nubuck accents and the colour Sage. Once again, this model is a very limited edition, so be quick and enjoy this stylish, timeless sneaker too.

Next Generation

Golden Gate is a contemporary sneaker that symbolises the new generation within the family business. That’s why we’ve named the collection ‘Next Generation’, because it represents the dawn of a new era at Xsensible. Thomas and his twin sisters Do and Isabel will be taking over the helm. We see their vision reflected in this shoe, which is innovative without sacrificing any of Xsensible’s renowned comfort. Thanks to the streamlined silhouette combined with unique details and trendy colours, the sneakers have become extremely popular. Undoubtedly our best Xsensible ever – you’ll definitely want to be seen in Golden Gate!

Limited edition sneaker Golden Gate

If you missed out last time and you’d like the chance to try on a pair of these limited edition Golden Gate sneakers, hurry to the nearest shop that sells the Next Generation collection and find out which colour completes your outfit. This shoe comes with a cool twist that makes it perfect for your everyday look! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see more images of our best Stretchwalker ever, and experience the progressive Japanese balance technology for yourself. This exclusive Stretchwalker for women and men is waiting for you.

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