The meaning of 'Chowa': striving for harmony

The origin of our shoes is based on the balancing principle of the traditional Japanese slipper 'Ippon-ba-geta'. The Stretchwalker concept was also developed in Japan, the country that honors traditions and knowledge for proper mental and physical balance. The search for balance is called "Chowa" in Japanese; this Japanese concept actually means even more than striving for harmony. It is a lifestyle.

The small, daily changes

How do you achieve natural balance? We like to explain the Japanese meaning 'Chowa' to you, because thanks to this lifestyle you discover a way of living in balance with yourself, but also the world around you. There is a lot coming at you every day in the form of information, but also various experiences and situations that can cause you to (re)discover your balance at any moment. For centuries, 'Chowa' has been helping Japanese in this quest to find and maintain natural balance. How? By staying connected to yourself and taking responsibility for your life. By remaining flexible and seeking balance in your relationships, diet, finances, exercise, nature and home. Because it's not about the big changes, but the small, daily changes that make today a good day. And tomorrow too.

'Chowa' as a lifestyle

Every step in the direction that feels right for you counts. It's not about the leaps you make, but the small changes that contribute to your quality of life. Daring to make healthy and conscious choices every day that support and strengthen you. It is a way of thinking, but above all a way of doing and experiencing. Pursuing natural balance in the everyday, taking you beyond where you are now.

Finding natural balance

Characteristic of this lifestyle is finding your own balance. And this mission is central to us as well. We challenge ourselves to make the most comfortable shoe in the world. Why? Because we believe it is important to provide an optimal running experience that contributes to better posture that simplifies your quest for balance. The combination of stability and sublime cushioning throughout the sole give you energy! Traditional values with the latest techniques go hand in hand for the best experience and balance for your body and mind.
The collection for men and women is waiting for you, discover how our shoes strengthen you with every step. We love to inspire you about the search for balance and share unique images of our latest collections.
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