The hiking trends of 2022

We have started to hike in our own country en masse. A nice walk allows you to enjoy the changing surroundings, experience the seasons and work on your fitness in the meantime. Catching the sun's rays, stepping out of your own bubble and exploring the surroundings; we are surrounded by the most beautiful hiking routes and hiking is very popular. We have listed the hiking trends of 2022 for you. Will you read and walk with us?

Style and comfort

Do you regularly enjoy a walk in the countryside? Getting a breath of fresh air on the beach or wandering through the woods; we have some great walking areas in the Netherlands. You can go out in National Parks, but of course you can also go for a city walk. Wherever you go, you will walk in style and comfort in 2022. You don't have to make any concessions; you can easily mix our energetic collection with a walking outfit of your choice. When you say hiking boots, the Hiking collection doesn't conjure up an ungainly, weighty shoe. Hiking boots are rugged, but the lightweight design will stand up to all your outdoor activities mile after mile. We have added a stretchable and durable synthetic textile to the top layer, giving you solid weather protection. At the same time, the shoes feel comfortable and elastic. Our hiking boots keep your feet dry and we have adapted the rubber tread for improved slip resistance. This results in extra grip for structurally longer walks on paved and more adventurous paths. Our shoes will also make you look stylish while walking!

Tailor-made hiking coaching

The hiking trend of 2022: hiking coaching! Do you feel the need to work on your mental well-being and do you enjoy being outdoors? Consider a hiking session in nature with a professional. Your (coaching) question is central and in the meantime you can take a nice walk together. The advantage? You are in motion outside, you can share your thoughts with an expert and you literally take steps in the direction that is right for you. Determine the surroundings together and let yourself be guided on your path.

Walking and technique

Connecting with yourself and nature is a gift. You come to rest and can recharge and relax. Talking about connection, one of the walking trends is that you link technique to walking. You can download fun apps on your phone to enrich your walk! From inspiring and free walking routes you can download to animal finder apps, birding apps and apps that motivate you to keep moving. There are also apps that show background information during the walk, so that you discover even more about the surroundings you may be in at that moment.

The Nijmegen Marches will continue!

From trend to milestone in 2022: with the Nijmegen Marches in prospect, the motivation to walk will only increase. In the third week of July the 4Daagse takes place, it is the largest walking achievement tour in the world! Did you know that during the 4Daagse you will walk past our head office in Berg en Dal? An extra incentive to keep on exercising. Whatever distance you cover, we are proud and every step counts!

Shinrin-yoku; natural therapy from Japan

Shinrin-yoku literally means forest bathing and is a natural therapy from Japan. It is the best way to relax in nature. Shinrin-yoku reconnects you with nature in many ways: from mindful walking in the forest to taking a break in a park, but also by walking barefoot through your own garden. Forest bathing will increase in popularity in 2022!

Happy Stones

During the corona crisis, extra Happy Stones were made, which we can also enjoy this year. Happy Stones are stones that are painted and hidden. It is great fun to find such a happy stone and you can take it home or put it somewhere else for the next finder. You can also make your own Happy Stones and hide them during your walk. Make sure that the paint stays on in all weather conditions and do not make it too complicated for potential finders. Your Happy Stones may be seen!


We have started to take more detours and this walking trend will continue in 2022. Where it used to be about the thousands of steps a day, it is now about the quality of the walk. It's about walking at a brisk pace and enjoying yourself from the moment you close the door behind you. The Ommetje app makes walking a habit and encourages you to take a walk every day. You feel more energetic after a walk. It also helps you to relax and improves your creativity. Handy!

Fashion trends '22 incorporated in the walking shoes

The fashion for SS22 is inspired by nature and we see many neutral tones and natural patterns in the trends. We have incorporated these in a stylish way in the Hiking collection to which we have added new models in energetic and fresh colours. These are Hiking shoes that we are proud of, because we can contribute to hiking pleasure, more balance and comfort. Admire the atmospheric season in the park, the forest or a nice walking environment near you.

Are you ready for it? Join the hike!

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