The fall collection is here: the best hiking shoes for women and men

That hiking is good for you, we don't have to explain anymore. Hiking is an activity now practiced by young and old. Some are more adventurous than others, but hiking can be done anytime and anywhere. That makes it so accessible and it is a healthy activity that gives you energy. Hiking brings you into balance

New autumn collection

Walking across the purple moors to shoot beautiful nature photos. Practicing for the next edition of the Nijmegen Marches or just to be outside and exercise. Whatever your motivation and wherever the route takes you, walking contributes to a healthier and happier life. To fully enjoy the hike, you need the right equipment. You put on suitable Hiking shoes and the hiking adventure can begin. That's why you'll see additional models in our updated Hiking collection, as well as new materials and colors to match the fall season. And do you want to go on a wonderful autumn hike? The checklist is ready for you!

Suitable hiking shoes make the difference

Will you go for low, mid or high walking shoes? Ask yourself how much support you need and on what terrain you plan to hike. Or stop by a retailer near you. You will receive tailored advice and can try on your favorite hiking shoe right away. Good posture while hiking is very important. It can prevent injuries and other discomforts. Good hiking clothes and hiking shoes with the right fit make all the difference.

New hiking shoes for women

We are proud to present Bodo. This both high-quality and fashionable low shoe for trekking is suitable for every occasion and all types of outdoor activities. We have incorporated the popular zebra print into this shoe. This model is the ideal mix between the beloved Stockholm (now also available in attractive autumn colors) and model Uppsala on which you can enjoy hours of hiking fun with ease. And have you already discovered hiking shoe Oulo? These lightweight hiking shoes are made of leather combined with elastic, breathable mesh material. Available in Moss, Beige Combi and Black.

Hiking shoes for men

Cork for men is a mid-length boot made of high-quality lace-up leather and velour. The boot not only looks good, but also provides comfort for every trip out of town. The integrated Dry-X Waterproof membrane is guaranteed to keep feet dry. But there's more! Abo is the ideal, low hiking boot for men. With the look of a sneaker, the shoe looks smooth and sporty. Plus, you'll enjoy high-tech material during every hike.

Autumn trends

Of course, we have incorporated this season's trends into the updated collection. From animal prints to autumn colors to create warm combinations. The color palette is atmospheric and includes a wide range of earthy colors. Think beautiful (chocolate) brown tones.
Discover the Hiking collection and enjoy comfort, solid grip, more energy and water-resistant protection.
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