The 5 main shoe trends for the new year

Curious to find out which shoes are set to become real must-haves in the year ahead? Have a look at our handy overview of the main shoe trends for 2020.

Nude shades

Do you struggle to find shoes that match your outfits? Nude shades are just what you need! Soft sandy colours will be everywhere this spring, from solid nude shoes to soft nude touches. Beautiful to look at and easy to combine with all your outfits. 


In 2019 we introduced you to athleisure, the trend of wearing sports clothing or sporty items in everyday life. Are you a fan? Then we’ve got good news for you: in 2020 the trend is still in full swing. Sporty sneakers will be everywhere in the new year. Just look around... Our spring collection too includes lots of Stretchwalkers with bold stripes and touches that accentuate the soles.

A mix of materials

Just like athleisure, mixing different materials is a trend that is guaranteed to stick around in the new year. From high-gloss lacquer to striking animal prints and soft fabrics, an interesting mix of materials instantly draws the attention to your feet.

Striking colourful touches

From neon details on the heel to contrasting cognac touches on solid black sneakers: this spring striking colourful touches are a real trend. They give every shoe a playful and youthful look. A feast for the eyes - and the feet - this spring! 


Do you also love the trendy cognac shade? Then get ready, because in 2020 this colour will continue to be all around, on the streets and in our spring collection too! Men will be able to choose from an extensive collection of shoes this spring, either in a solid cognac shade or with cognac touches. 
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