Step into summer in style with the 2023 sandal collection!

Whether you're looking for a chic sandal for the office or a comfortable slipper for a day at the beach, our summer collection has it all. But wait, there's more! Allow us to introduce our newest addition: sandal Evia.

New: sandal Evia

We proudly present sandal Evia to you. Its delicate straps, made of soft leather, give this sandal a playful look. The Velcro closure and slightly thicker lightweight sole ensure the highest level of comfort. Moreover, this trendy slipper features a removable footbed made of memory foam. Sandal Evia is available in three attractive variations: Pastel, Jeans, and Champagne.

Sandal for every occasion

Feel the summer vibes and complete your wardrobe with our amazing sandals! Our collection offers the perfect sandal for every occasion. We have already highlighted our favorites for you:
• How about the popular sandal Rhodos? It’s not only trendy but also extra comfortable, thanks to the ankle strap with an adjustable metal buckle and the slightly thicker sole with Xsensible balance technology.
• Or choose an exotic accent with sandal Aruba, combining animal prints or crocodile relief with a subtle metallic sheen. The three wide, soft leather straps with a hidden Velcro closure make this sandal adaptable to any foot.
• Enjoy sandal Corfu! The extra-wide straps, made of soft and supple leather, are adjustable at the heel with a metal buckle. Treat yourself to a pair of comfortable sandals and create beautiful memories this summer!

3 useful tips for choosing suitable sandals and slippers

Slippers are essential for the summer season. They are easy to slip on and off and provide excellent ventilation for your feet on hot days. How can you make the right choice? Here are three useful tips:
1.Comfort is key when it comes to wearing sandals and slippers on hot days. Make sure to choose ones with cushioned soles and a good fit, allowing you to enjoy your ideal shoes even on the hottest days of the year. Always try on sandals and slippers before purchasing and ensure there is enough room at the toes and heels for comfortable walking. If you have any questions, seek advice from the experts at our retail locations. Take the time to try out different options and choose the ones that best match your style and needs.
2.Consider the occasion when selecting your sandals and slippers. Flat sandals and slippers are perfect for casual activities like a day at the beach or a party.
3.Invest in high-quality sandals and slippers that will last. Premium sandals come equipped with features that contribute to good foot health.

In our collection, you’ll discover sandals and slippers with cushioned soles featuring our unique Xsensible balance technology. This innovative technology ensures optimal walking comfort. Invest in a pair of high-quality sandals, and your feet will thank you!

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