Sneak preview: Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

We are proud to share with you this sneak preview, in which we give you a glimpse of this year’s Spring/Summer collection.

We can’t wait until spring and are looking forward to all the brand-new 2021 collections! We are proud to share with you this sneak preview, in which we give you a glimpse of this year’s Spring/Summer collection. Inspired by each season’s trends and looks, we have perfected the art and craft of shoe design and production. In 2021, our focus on good health, sustainability and comfort is stronger than ever. Prepare to be inspired and surprised by our latest collection, which will be available in stores soon!

New colours

Classic pastels are set to make a comeback in spring 2021. Discover our Riga model in shades of White Iride, Nude and Pashmin, which exude a pure, gentle energy. Trendwatchers predict that the colour Sali – grey with a whiff of green – will be one of the “it” colours this year. You’ll find this colour sprinkled throughout our spring collection, including in the popular Stretchwalker Sofia and Tokyo models. If you’re more of a Jersey fan, we’ve got some good news for you too, as these perennial favourites will soon also be available in on-trend Sali.

A drop of Cognac in your wardrobe...

For those of you who love all shades of brown: this is your season! Cognac is a warm-toned, matte tan brown that’s a wardrobe staple, and our Stretchwalker Jersey and Venice models are all available in this natural shade this season. If you appreciate a bold and brassy look, you’ll love our Lima model in a Cognac Combi shade, while men can choose from the popular Dublin, Boston and Lyon models. If you can’t choose – or simply don’t want to – check out our Stretchwalker SWX14, which blends the most stunning shades of taupe. We happen to be big fans!

Mixing style with comfort

Many of us have embraced WFH (work-from-home) chic, which means we like to dress stylishly without compromising on comfort, and our shoes offer that irresistible mix of support, style and balance. Comfortable clothing and shoes allow you to switch effortlessly between working from home, physical activity, and spending time in nature.

New outdoor models

The Stretchwalker Hiking Collection is designed to support all those for whom the great outdoors spells ‘adventure’. In addition to their stylish and athletic design, our new outdoor models provide maximum comfort and protection the moment you head out the door. The shoes in this collection feature a new and improved, sturdy sole that give you a solid grip, while the sophisticated Dry-X waterproof technology keeps your feet warm and dry at all times. The world is beckoning – explore it with shoes that not only support you but also enhance your style and personality. Our Stretchwalker Stockholm is so in demand that we decided to produce this model in an even wider array of colours, including Cobalt, Red, Grey and Navy. We hope you’re as excited as we are about these new additions! We’re also introducing the Uppsala Hiking Shoe in the new shades Brown/Orange, Red Black, Stone Black and Stone/Green. Which one will you choose? Last but not least, there’s the Seattle model in a Stone/Pink: the new favourite of every sporty yet stylish woman.
We’re excited to be launching our new Spring/Summer 2021 collection. The first models will be available from February, followed by the full collection in March. You can admire the latest models from our Hiking Collection in stores and online right now. No matter which Stretchwalker you end up choosing: we’re confident you’ll enjoy the blend of style, comfort and balance!

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