Shoe trend: ton sur ton

"Ton sur ton" is the French translation of "color on color”. This trend literally means that you let a color completely return in your outfit, without becoming boring. Of course, the right shoes should not be missing to complete this look. Discover the tips to immediately apply the ton sur ton trend to your outfits.

Ton sur ton trend

The trend is incredibly popular and is also called monochrome. If you choose a ton sur ton outfit, you create a coherent whole in your outfit. Pay special attention to the different use of materials and light shades of color in the looks. This way you create depth and interesting combinations that you keep looking at. Dare to choose shoes completely in the same color and discover our collection for men and women.

Colors that make you shine

You get to decide which shades of color you incorporate into your outfit that enhance the look. Our collection currently features soft spring colors that combine perfectly with the popular tone-on-tone trend. From beige tones to pastels; always wear what feels right for you. Not sure (yet) which colors look good on you? Consider doing a color analysis. You will receive personal advice in which you discover what seasonal type you are and during the session you will learn all about the colors that look good on you. Useful to know: some colors make you (unconsciously) pale and there are also colors that make you shine.

Complete your look 

Tone on tone sounds very chic and stylish, but it is actually a term used to indicate that you repeat a color several times. Additional advantage of this stylish trend in a look, ton sur ton makes you look optically taller and it ensures unity in the outfit. This trend can therefore always be applied!
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