Sandals and flip-flops - These are the summer trends of 2022

The spring sunshine is the perfect excuse to share a sneak preview of sandals with you. After all, we can't wait to experience the ultimate summer feeling. Strolling along the boulevard, sitting at a pavement café, going on a city trip and getting out into nature; sandals and flip-flops are, of course, indispensable on any sunny day. That's why we're sharing the summer shoe trends of 2022 with you, and our collection will get you looking forward to the summer. Read along and get inspired!

Nice and light

From light colours to lightweight sandals and slippers; our collection is simply fresh! With a Xsensible sandal on your feet you know for sure that you are wearing the right shoe for every occasion. For example, when you go to the beach, jump on your bike to the office or take a stroll. And what about a lovely picnic by the water? Our brand new models are waiting for you. In beige shades, among others, for a warm, stylish look. We are looking forward to the summer and to creating memories on sandals from the latest collection. Make a difference for your feet and opt for nice light colours and a fresh look next season!

Stylish and comfortable

Our high quality sandals and flip-flops are the ingredient for a carefree summer, allowing you to experience maximum walking comfort. High temperatures will not get in the way of your walking pleasure, because we have developed sandals and flip-flops that all women and even men will love. This is because we not only have summer shoes for women, but also for men in our collection. As a man, you will soon want to be seen in our favourite Timor. This sporty sandal makes a good impression with its striking design. The combination of soft leather and high-quality mesh material keeps feet wonderfully cool, even on hotter days. The slightly thicker sole with the unique Xsensible balance technology guarantees optimal comfort on any terrain.

Soft, softer, softest

Well cared for feet in stylish sandals. That is what we are going for this summer! We are even more looking forward to this sunny season when we see stylish sandal Bonaire in the colour Caramel. Sandal Bonaire features high-quality velour leather and steals the show with its wide knotted straps. The heel strap has a hidden velcro fastener so the sandal will fit any foot. For an even more personalised and perfect fit, the additional insole can be replaced with your own. The two-tone sole with the unique Xsensible balance technology guarantees optimal walking comfort.

Natural patterns

The fashion for SS22 is inspired by nature. We see many neutral tones and natural patterns in the summer trends of 2022 and we have processed these in a stylish way in our summer shoes. From Jungle prints to Taupe, Bronze and Sand, the outdoors is reflected in our sandals and flip-flops.

Get in balance

Relaxing and recharging in the sun, enjoying nature, days out and holidays... Summer gives you energy. A comfortable Xsensible sandal or flipper on your feet will increase your balance and that is necessary, because we have had an intensive time. Take the time to relax and enjoy more balance. We would like to help you with that. Did you know that we have incorporated the unique Japanese balancing technology in our sandals and slippers? That is what sets our sandals and flip-flops apart. That is Xsensible in action.

Tailor-made sandals

Your comfort is our priority and since well-being starts with your feet, we think it's important that you discover the perfect sandals for the sunniest days of the year. All of our sandals (for both men and women) have a removable footbed and sporty soles with soft cushioning so you can enjoy ultimate comfort. You can see it in sandal Aruba, among others. Thanks to the three wide, soft leather straps of sandal Aruba with hidden Velcro fastener, the sandals can be adjusted to any foot. For an even more personalised and perfect fit, the additional insole can be replaced with your own. The slightly raised sides support the foot and ensure that the sandal always sits securely. The sandal is available in the popular colour Blue, but also in the beautiful shades Sand Metal and Taupe in which we have combined animal prints with a subtle metallic sheen. Experience the benefits of wearing the very best sandals and get advice from a retailer near you.

The perfect sandals for the sunniest days of the year are already waiting for you at our sales partners. Get inspired and advised so that you can enjoy ultimate comfort in the sunniest season of the year.
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