Popular: comfortable white sneakers

Timeless, elegant, sporty and stylish. Everything you're looking for in a shoe, you'll find in a comfortable white sneaker. That makes white shoes an indispensable item for your wardrobe. Moreover, these shoes are an awesome match with your favourite outfit. You wear the shoes during the cold months under a flared pair of trousers and in the summer under a dress or a pantsuit for a casual chic look. In short: white sneakers can be combined endlessly.


You want to add white sneakers to your shoe collection, because these shoes always match the looks you want to wear. That makes these shoes versatile and timeless, but also never boring and very popular during all seasons. The white sneakers in our collection are characterised by luxurious details and an exceptionally comfortable fit. The varied collection offers a shoe for every occasion.


White sneakers are always on trend. That makes the white sneaker the perfect basic for every day. You bring calm to your outfit with these shoes on your feet or you create a simple look that is suitable for every occasion. The shoes provide a minimalistic, classic look, but they can also be used as a surprising, contrasting element. Think of white sneakers under a colourful dress or a stylish pantsuit. You might not expect it, but even then these shoes make your look complete.

Innovative and functional

With our high-quality and trendy sneaker collection, we meet the highest demands in design and function. Our slim, streamlined and comfortable sneakers are equipped with all features that contribute to the success of Xsensible. Think of stretch leather in the forefoot area and the unique sole with Xsensible balance technology to support the natural posture of the body. That makes wearing our white sneakers even more attractive. Discover Golden Gate, Lima, Lucca and Jersey in White.

What's white...

You don't have to worry about dirty shoes, with the right protection and care you can enjoy white sneakers that make you shine. Are you looking for a white sneaker that is comfortable and stylish, then a shoe from our collection is for you. Shop your favourite white sneaker for him and her in the shop or online.

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