More than 100 hikers tested our hiking shoes: this is their conclusion

We really value experiences with our footwear. That's why we started a test panel in collaboration with earlier this year. The editorial team received thousands of applications. Eventually 105 enthusiastic hikers extensively tested our shoes for their walking comfort, fit, waterproofness, and appearance.

The women in the panel tested the Stockholm Women model, while the men tested the Oulu Men model. In this blog, you can read their findings.

First impression of hiking shoes Stockholm and Oulu

Firstly, the test panel was asked several questions about the appearance of the shoes. As much as 80% thought the black shoes looked beautiful. A frequently mentioned advantage was that they are easy to combine with your outfit. The remaining hikers said they were looking for more color in their shoe collection. Fortunately, the Stockholm model for ladies is available in various colors, including light blue, red, orange, and green. Our collection also includes different shades of the Oulu model for men.

Comfortable fit and excellent cushioning

94 out of 105 panel members were satisfied with the comfortable fit of the shoes. Moreover, the results show that more than 90% of the hikers can put the shoes on and off with ease. Some even wear the shoes on daily basis because of their comfort. It is important to have the right fit during long walks to prevent injuries and blisters, and this extensive survey concluded that the shoes fulfil this requirement. In addition, the cushioning of the shoes is another important aspect for comfortable walking. 88% of the panel members experienced good to excellent cushioning while wearing our hiking shoes.

"The shoes are lightweight, have excellent cushioning at the heel, and you feel a pushing force when walking on a hard surface. I even wore the hiking shoes during a city trip to Rome and didn't need any other shoes!"


Wet socks and shoes are not only uncomfortable but can also lead to blisters and painful feet. Fortunately, 92.6% of the test panel that tested the Xsensible hiking shoes expressed to be satisfied with the waterproofness of the shoes. 98% of the hikers even indicate that they have enough grip on a wet surface.

The panel members' thoughts on Xsensible

Practical and reliable were the most frequently mentioned terms when hikers had to describe Xsensible. It is remarkable that almost 90% of hikers would recommend Xsensible, which clearly reflects the satisfaction of the hikers. It is noteworthy that almost 30% of the panel members had never heard of Xsensible before trying the shoes.

Points for improvement

Over a hundred hikers took a critical look at the shoe and gave suggestions to improve our hiking shoes. We appreciate this; thanks to this input, we can continue to improve our Xsensible hiking shoes. A third of the panelists indicated that they experienced some pressure points in the shoe. This may be due to the wide variation in foot shapes and sizes, which can cause pressure points in different places. It is therefore essential when buying a hiking shoe to seek personal advice from the retailer and try on the shoes with the right socks. Unfortunately, we could not offer this to our test panel beforehand due to the large number of participants.

We also received feedback on the laces. Some panel members noted that the laces were short and round, causing them to come loose easily while hiking. We appreciate this valuable information and will consider using different laces for our hiking shoes.

Tested and passed: highly rated by's test panel

We are thrilled to receive such a positive assessment from the test panel of regarding our hiking boots. Their suggestions and tips will be taken on board so that we can continue to innovate and improve. We are grateful to the 105 hikers who provided valuable feedback and shared their enthusiastic experiences.

If you want to experience the comfort of our Hiking collection and discover the features of our hiking shoes, we invite you to visit one of our points of sale for personal advice. Our experts are eager to assist you in finding the perfect hiking shoe to fit your feet and hiking style.

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