How walking strengthens your immune system: join the hike!

Walking is something you can do anytime and anywhere. In the Netherlands we are lucky enough to enjoy lovely hiking trails and paths through the most beautiful natural areas. We’ve listed the benefits of walking for you below!

Particularly in these uncertain times, walking gives us a sense of peace and space. Walking has increased enormously in popularity because it is such an accessible way of working on your mental and physical condition. You can switch off your busy mind, surround yourself in nature, enjoying the fresh outdoor air while getting fit – every step is a move towards greater well-being. No matter what your pace, it’s always good enough simply because you’re on the move. Did you know that walking can even boost your immune system? We’ve listed the benefits of walking for you below!

Walk your way to good health

Walking boosts your resistance to disease. Fresh air combined with improved fitness ensures better blood circulation throughout your body. Getting your body moving charges up your immune system, stimulates oxygen uptake and improves the efficiency of waste elimination. All positive effects accruing from regular walks! 

Release stress

Relax, and release stress with every step you take. Enjoy being in the present by allowing yourself to fully experience your walk. Walking is a wonderful way to unwind. Did you know that walking in natural surroundings can even improve your mood? Research shows that the physical movement and beautiful surroundings that you experience during a walk stimulate your body’s production of the happiness hormone. Walk your way to greater contentment! 

Walking boosts your energy

Clear your mind and work mindfully on your fitness while walking. Take the steps at a pace that feels good for you. Walking can even help you sleep better at night, positively influencing your energy levels. Getting itchy feet already? 
Whether you’re already a keen rambler or just want to get outdoors more for great walks, join the hike! Enjoy beautiful surroundings, unwind, and clear your head. Strengthen your immune system and enrich your life by walking!

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