Did you know that we have a range of widths in our collection?

Every foot is different, and that’s why you’ll always find a great, comfortable shoe that fits you like a glove. How do we manage that? Our collection comes in a range of widths so that you’re always certain to find a Xsensible shoe that meets your needs.

Because we regularly receive questions about whether our shoes are available in specific widths, we’d like to tell you more about this here. For example, did you know that a width size is indicated by a letter and these sizes increase in alphabetical order?

The ideal fit for you

We’re happy to support you in your search for the perfect shoes for your feet. Is it difficult for you to find the right shoes? Visit a retailer to receive expert advice on the best size for you. After all, feet come in all shapes and sizes (including widths). We’re also there for those feet that need just that little bit of extra care and attention. A professional analysis is the ideal way to find the perfect shoe for your feet. The desired function of the shoe is at least as important when making a choice; for example, do you regularly take long walks during which the conditions change or do you prefer to take a stroll around the neighborhood? Let us show you how the right shoe can improve your balance!

Comfortable shoes for every occasion

We have a range of widths available in our collection, so you’ll always find a shoe that fits. The shoes shouldn’t pinch, but should fit perfectly. If you have any doubts, we advise you to visit a good shoe retailer to have your feet measured. Width G is the average shoe width. Our Jersey model is a stylish shoe that comes in width G. The side zip makes the shoe easy to slip on and off. There are also narrower and broader shoe widths. These are labelled in alphabetical order for the increasing sizes. For example, SWX11 and Lima are models that come in width H. No matter what width you take, our shoes support you in every step you take.

Women's and men's shoes in different widths

We have a variety of width sizes in our collection, such as G, H, J and K. The most popular sizes are G and H. The widths of the items are specified on our website along with the product information. You can visit a retailer for advice on which models suit your feet and your lifestyle, so you can discover your new favourite shoe.

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