Cold-weather shoes

Are you ready for the shortest and coldest days of the year? Of course we want you to enjoy this season comfortably and in style, even when it snows. Because of our Dry-X technology, our Hiking collection is resistant to wintry weather. While wearing our shoes you will be winter-proof.

Wintry weather

Our collection features balancing technology and patented Stretch leather. This combination makes our shoes very suitable for changing surfaces and winter influences. In addition, the elasticity of the Stretch leather ensures maximum freedom of movement. In order to wear our shoes every day for as long as possible, you want to be sure your feet stay dry as well. The breathability of the Stretch leather contributes to this. Enjoy extra grip and warm feet during this cold season!

Pearls of the winter collection

From building snowmen to defying rain and snow storms; we have equipped our shoes with comfortable features and warm colors. For example, take a look at Hiking shoes Oulu and Cork. Your feet are guaranteed to stay dry thanks to the integrated Dry-X Waterproof membrane. Of course, our shoes are also equipped with a grip sole that ensures you stand firmly on any surface. Besides, good socks are crucial during a winter hike. Although our shoes are breathable, we recommend to bring along dry pair of socks during a long hike as well.

Additional tips for staying warm during a winter hike

It is important to keep your feet warm during a winter hike. Shoes that are resistant to wintry weather are essential during this hike. Wearing warm socks is also a must. In extremely cold conditions, you do well to use foot warmers. And did you know that it is important to take regular breaks while hiking? These resting moments are an essential part during a winter hike. While you allow your feet plenty of rest in a dry environment, you can drink hot drinks to maintain your body temperature. For example, fill yourself a thermos mug and drink your thea surrounded by nature. And do not forget to keep an eye on the weather! Checking the weather forecast before you head out will help you avoid any surprises.
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