Checklist for a great autumn walk

Open your senses to the beauty of nature on an autumn hike. Taking good walks helps keep you mentally and physically fit.

Embrace this atmospheric season and enjoy the sound of crisp leaves crunching under your feet, the fresh air and vibrant autumn colours in a park, forest or other pleasant walking area near you. We’re going to give you some great tips for a wonderful autumn walk. Ready to get out there? Let’s go hiking!

Suitable shoes for extra walking pleasure

Feeling good starts with your feet! It’s only natural then that pair of great walking shoes will help you walk your way to excellent health. When you’ve got the right shoes on, you’ll be even more keen to get out there and clock up those daily 10,000 steps. Our updated Hiking collection proves that style and comfort are perfect partners. Our Hiking shoes are for nature lovers who enjoy an active lifestyle, but also for dog owners who take a regular stroll and want to look stylish while doing so. Thanks to our Dry-X waterproof technology, you won’t even mind a walk in the pouring rain because you know you’ll come home with dry feet.

Your ideal hiking route

If you want an enjoyable walk, then finding the right route is essential. Fortunately, there are many amazing places that are well worth exploring. Before starting the search for the perfect autumn hike, first decide on your ideal distance, terrain and difficulty level. You can find inspiring hiking books at your local bookshop, and these often come with a handy map. Some editions include routes and are great to take with you, as they include interesting information about the places you’ll encounter while walking. You can also create a range of walking routes online. Once you’ve mapped out your walk, you can store it on your telephone or print it out. Share the route with your hiking buddy and head to the start point so you can get started. Tip: you can share your live location with those at home so they know where you are.

The weather conditions

Do you check the weather before heading out? The weather conditions will have a significant influence on your hike, and it’s important to choose your outfit to suit the temperature. If it’s hot and sunny, then remember to apply sunscreen regularly, and if it’s cold and windy, then layering your clothes is a good idea. And if it’s raining, then waterproof clothing will naturally be essential for an enjoyable walk. If you’re going to be out all day, make sure to check the weather regularly en route so that you’re not caught unawares. Fortunately, you can wear our hiking shoes at all times, regardless of the weather conditions. Hiking shoes offer optimal comfort and protection. The rugged sole provides grip, and the advanced Dry-X waterproof technology keeps your feet dry in all conditions. One pair of Stretchwalker Hiking shoes is all you need for a beautiful autumn hike.

Good preparation is half the battle

In addition to selecting the ideal route, wearing appropriate shoes and checking the weather regularly, it’s important to wear comfortable clothes. Therefore, choose your favourite hiking items and fill your backpack with energy sources, including plenty of food and drink. Consider taking a packed lunch as well as a few extras in case you need them. If you still have space and your backpack isn’t too heavy, remember to take a mini first aid kit and your camera. Briefly review the route before starting, and then enjoy the beautiful places that you come across on your hike.

Whether you're an experienced hiker or picking out a great route to walk for the first time, every step counts and we hope you have a great walk. If you’re looking for the ideal shoes for all outdoor activities, take a look at our Hiking collection for style and substance, maximum comfort and a firm grip.
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