5 tips for summer-ready feet

Summer is here! Now’s the time for airy dresses, summer accessories, tropical prints and casual outfits. And don’t forget about open shoes, because sandals are the perfect finishing touch to any summer look. Our comfortable Xsensible sandals and slippers in light colours and neutral shades will improve your balance and enhance your summer outfit.

Whether you're cycling to work, casually strolling along the boulevard or going out for an evening barbecue; you’ll find what you’re looking for in our summer collection, featuring athletic details and distinctive designs. Treat yourself to good foot care to keep your feet looking stylish in comfortable sandals. Remember: wearing open shoes means showing off your feet to the world. You could get a professional pedicure to get your feet in shape for summer, but you can just as easily give your feet some TLC yourself!

1.DIY pedicures

Want to flaunt your flawless feet in open shoes this summer? Don’t fret, you can take care of those puppies yourself! And what’s more, you can do so from the comfort of your own sofa. First of all, it’s helpful to get everything you’ll need ready beforehand, so you don’t have to get up once you’ve started. So what will you need? A tub of lukewarm water, a towel, clippers and an unctuous lotion. And ladies: don’t forget your favourite nail polish in a fashionable colour to match your sandals and slippers. Prep done? Time to sit back and enjoy!

2.Tailor-made foot care

Proper foot care begins with discovering what your feet need. Trimming your nails, for instance, is a great way to enhance your appearance. If your skin is a tad dry, try taking a foot bath with soothing oils to soften and nourish your feet. You can also exfoliate your feet for super-soft soles. Just grab a book, sit back and enjoy some me-time!

3.Feeding your feet

After the foot bath, it's time to thoroughly dry your feet, keeping them fresh and clean. Depending on your skin type, you can now apply a foot cream or lotion to prevent dry skin and keep it soft and smooth. Now that you’ve washed, dried and nourished your feet, it’s time to shift your attention to your nails.

4.Impact on your gait

Did you know that you should regularly trim your toenails, because their length impacts on your gait? If your nails are too long, they will poke holes in your socks and might even affect your posture and gait. You’ll automatically and subconsciously position your feet slightly differently, which is why it’s so important to shape and smoothen out your nails. After a foot bath, your nails will be a bit softer, making them easier to trim.

5.Relax and enjoy

Taking a foot bath and following a foot care regimen may sound like a lot of work, but try to see it as some well-deserved me-time. You could read a book, watch a show or call a friend while enjoying a foot bath and giving yourself a pedicure. What’s more, regularly nourishing your feet will keep them looking healthy and well-groomed. Feeling good starts with your feet!

Enjoy wearing your favourite sandals and slippers on well-groomed feet this summer! Need more inspirational tips for a comfortable summer? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with the latest news, tips & tricks and Xsensible inspiration. On behalf of the team at Xsensible, we wish you an unforgettable summer!
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