3 tips for maintaining your hiking boots

Our hiking shoes will take you anywhere you want to go. The Hiking collection consists of shoes on which you can enjoy hours of hiking with ease. By maintaining and treating your shoes in the right way, you will enjoy even more the walks you go on in them. Maintaining your hiking shoes is quick and easy; read all about taking care of your shoes and discover the tips.

1.Remove dirt from your shoes

Hiking shoes need to be treated properly to keep them looking nice. Usually you start at the beginning ... but this time we'll start at the destination. Once you have finished your hike, it is important to remove dirt from the hiking shoes. First, remove the sand and mud with a brush and don't forget to remove the dirt from your sole. You can clean the shoes with a brush, sponge or cloth.

2.A dry and ventilated room.

Do you use lukewarm water? Then let the hiking shoes dry well in a ventilated area (room temperature is fine). By the way, not against the heater, because of the materials we have incorporated into the shoes. Fortunately, taking care of your hiking boots doesn't take long, nor is it a complicated job. But you have to do it for a while, so you can enjoy wearing the shoes again next time. Nothing is more annoying than having to wear dirty shoes during a wonderful hike. Did your shoes get very wet during the hike? In our Hiking collection you will find models with optimal wearing comfort, solid grip and of course the advanced Dry-X waterproof technology that keeps your feet dry. Letting your hiking boots breathe well after your hike is always a must and we recommend storing your shoes in a dry place.

3.Get all your grooming supplies ready in advance.

Even if you are tired after the hike, take care of your shoes with attention. Have the care materials ready before you go out. That way you will fly through the cleaning ritual after the hike and then you can recover from the trip.

Why should you maintain hiking boots?

Treating hiking boots properly will preserve their features longer. A good cleaning will keep the shoes breathing well and keep the material extra fresh. Functional looks, maximum comfort and a firm grip; hiking shoes are perfect for all outdoor activities and you can make wonderful trips and hikes on them.

The most beautiful hikes

We have incorporated over 100 years of shoe innovation into our hiking shoes, allowing you to take the most beautiful hikes on different surfaces. Perhaps you will soon be walking past our headquarters in Berg en Dal as you enjoy the N70 hiking trail. Do your shoes need extra attention after many miles and impressive hikes? Get advice at a point of sale near you, so you can receive even more care tips from an expert.
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