3 Tips for breaking in new shoes

You've treated yourself to a new pair of shoes and it's time to break them in. Of course you want to be seen with the new shoes on your feet that you picked out with pleasure. We would like to share our tips on how to break in your new shoes easily. Please read along.

Give your feet time to get used to new shoes

A new pair of shoes will be a bit tighter and stiffer than what you are used to at first. No matter how comfortable the shoe is, you will notice that it will mould itself to your feet a bit more. We recommend you to let your feet get used to the shoes. Wear the new shoes for shorter periods of time in the beginning and build up to it slowly. You can take a different pair of shoes with you to change when necessary. You can also break in the shoes at home. Running in shoes is not about the distance you cover in them, but about the time you give your feet to get used to them. By wearing the new pair regularly, you will get used to them faster and soon be able to enjoy them all day long.

Perfect grip and stability thanks to balance technology

No matter how appealing the long walk in the forest is, it is important to start with a compact lap. Take your time to get used to the new shoes on different surfaces. Our shoes make you want to experience the outdoors and we fully understand that you can't wait to go on the most beautiful walks. Thanks to the balance technology in the sole, you will experience perfect grip and stability. Our shoes make you feel good, especially if you take the time to walk in them. From a stroll to hours of walking pleasure, discovering new places. Enjoy your new favourite shoe, but give your feet some real time.

Cycling instead of walking in

Did you know that it can also be useful to choose to 'cycle in' your new shoes? Instead of walking in your new shoes, just get on your bike and let your feet get used to them. This way, your feet can get used to the shoes without having to cover many kilometres on foot. The shoes become flexible and mould themselves more and more to your foot, while you enjoy the surroundings.

For generations, it has been our aim to create the most comfortable shoe in the world. A shoe that makes you happy. Are you proud of your new pair? Share it with us using the hashtag #Xsensibleshoes so we can admire your new shoes!
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