What’s special about the rocker sole?

Stretchwalkers combine the best of two worlds: Japanese innovation in sole design and Xsensible stretch technology, blended to create a revolutionary walking shoe. The Stretchwalker by Xsensible. The rocker bottom consists of two soft EVA parts and one reinforced balance point that ensures the foot rolls automatically as you walk.

This makes walking easier, more pleasant and healthier, without any special training required. Xsensible worked with Japanese partners for two years to develop and perfect this unique product. Stretchwalker is based on the Japanese Ippon-ba geta sandal and ensures a natural rolling motion of the foot that reduces pressure on the joints.

Not all of our shoes are designed on the basis of this ancient Japanese sandal. For example, Xsensible women’s shoes do not feature this concept; it is only available in our Stretchwalker model.