Hiking in Berg en Dal - The N70 hiking trail

Did you know that our head office is in Berg en Dal? And that Berg en Dal was awarded the title of Hiking Municipality of the Year in 2020? In the same year, we launched the successful Hiking collection with comfortable hiking boots, featuring functional looks and a firm grip. We were inspired by the overwhelming landscape that surrounds us, the height differences and, above all, the enthusiastic hikers who travel to Berg en Dal especially to walk the N70 hiking route. According to many walkers, this is the most beautiful route in our country!

The N70 through Berg en Dal

The N70 is a nature rambling route dating back to 1970, and while walking it, you will enjoy the forests and hilly countryside. The walk is very popular, which means that enthusiasts from all over the country (and even from abroad!) come to Berg en Dal to walk the route. The municipality owes its name 'Berg en Dal' to the differences in altitude that you can prepare for as a walker. You will be admiring impressive views of the polders and you will be walking over 8 mountains! Amongst others, the Duivelsberg, Sterrenberg and Boterberg are on your path when you choose to walk the N70 walking route in the Rijk van Nijmegen.

Berg en Dal Hiking Municipality of the Year 2020

Are you curious about the route? Read more about it and download the route description here for a wonderful walking experience in your own country. Relax completely in the natural surroundings of Berg en Dal - which has been named Hiking Community of the Year 2020 for good reason - and enjoy the diversity offered by the N70 route. On this walk, you will admire inspiring vistas and walk along meandering streams. The route is about 14 kilometres long and very varied.

The Hiking collection

The Hiking collection was created thanks to the wooded area that surrounds our head office. We were inspired, among other things, by the N70 footpath which we love to walk ourselves. To be able to do the beautiful hikes, we need shoes that you can wear during all outdoor activities. You also want to be confident that your feet will stay dry in all conditions and that you will experience optimum comfort and protection. The design team took our wishes on board and created the high-quality shoes from the Hiking collection that hikers - and we ourselves during a break from work - love to walk in.

Discover Berg en Dal and enjoy the N70 hiking route. Have fun hiking!

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