Find out all about our patented Stretch leather technology

With our shoes, we promise an optimal running experience. The combination of balance, stability and sublime cushioning throughout the sole makes all the difference. In addition, every Stretchwalker contains Xsensible Stretch Leather. What makes Stretch leather technology so special?

Maximum freedom of movement

The comfortable features of our shoes, we combine with trendy colors of the season. Our shoes are very popular, we have now produced the millionth pair. Not only because our shoes are stylish, but also because you experience maximum freedom of movement when wearing the shoes. How's that? Our patented Stretch leather technology provides amazing elasticity. As a result, the shoe feels like a second skin. We use 6 layers, each with a specific and distinct function.

The birth of Stretch leather

Did you know that the idea behind Stretch Leather originated on an airplane? Stretch leather is the solution for feet that expand slowly on the plane, but also during the day. Stretch Leather was invented by Jan Krol, who at the time ran our parent company Nimco. Nimco is still a world player in Orthopedics; comfort and customization have always been the starting point. Stretch was already widely used in the clothing industry, but why not yet in shoes? A eureka moment for Jan Krol, he immediately investigated different compositions and techniques of leather. He arrived at the current combination of layers and patented it. The technique allows this Stretch leather to be strong and flexible and the combination of layers ensures the optimal fit. Younger brother Max Krol further rolled out Stretch leather at Xsensible. Now it is impossible to imagine our collections without Stretch Leather!

The different layers of Stretch Leather

The outer layer is made of genuine leather, which is processed through a special treatment in France. The lamination and the use of the different materials affect the stretchability. We can shape the Stretch leather exactly as we wish. This is ideal for making the right, comfortable last you have come to expect from us. This combination of layers reinforces each other. Extra special about Stretch leather? The composition of lycra and latex ensures that the leather returns to its original shape. That's what we call leather with a memory.

Advanced techniques

The breathability of the Stretch leather ensures that your feet stay dry longer, even if you wear the shoes for a long time. The advanced technology incorporated into the Stretch leather provides excellent ventilation. We don't think about how unique the composition of our patented Stretch leather is on a daily basis, but we get to enjoy it every day. We are the only brand that can and may use this innovative composition. The technique we incorporate in the Stretch leather with 6 combined layers, can be felt with every step.

These shoes have changed the quality of my life. It's the ideal shoe for every day.
- Barbara

They are truly dream shoes! Timeless, comfortable and elegant. I feel really good in a
Stretchwalker. - Caroline

I was looking for good quality shoes that also look nice. The salesperson recommended a pair of Stretchwalker to me and I never want anything else. I am satisfied! - Hilde

My first pair of Stretchwalker took some getting used to. But now I will never wear another brand again. - Tom
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